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DenTek Comfort-Fit Dental Guard

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Protect against damage caused by nighttime teeth grinding with this slim night guard that offers the same level of protection as a full-coverage mouth guard. Includes two dental guards and one storage case.

  • Night guards are ready for use right out of the box, no boiling water, heating, or molding required

  • Five-point adjustment system makes it easy to find the perfect fit

  • Features slim, but durable, padding that cushions and separates teeth and to reduce damage caused by grinding teeth in sleep

  • Perfect bruxism treatment for those who find it difficult to wear a bulky mouth guard through the night 

  • Contains no latex or silicone

• Rinse your night guard in warm water.
• Place night guard on your lower teeth and bite down.
• Use a mirror to check that the molar pads cover at least half of your last molar. If your dental guard doesn't cover at least half of your last molar, make an adjustment.

• Slide the molar pad back one notch to adjust. Repeat on the other molar pad so both are aligned.
• Test for fit, and continue to adjust as needed.
• Note: Molar pads can be moved five positions.

• After each use, brush your dental guard with toothpaste and/or mouthwash. Never rinse in hot water, as it could alter the shape.
• Check your dental guard monthly for wear. The life of your dental guard depends on how often you grind your teeth and the force of your teeth grinding. Your dental guard can last up to six months.
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

• If you are not completely satisfied with the fit and comfort of the dental guard, we will gladly give you a full refund.

1 Year Protection Guarantee

• From date of purchase, we guarantee that these two dental guards will give you 12 months of teeth grinding protection. If not, we will send you one free dental guard as a replacement.


16 Reviews For "DenTek Comfort-Fit Dental Guard"

  1. Liked the old style better

    by Linda24 on 09 Wed,2015

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    I love this product..much more comfortable than the larger mouth guards. However, I just bought a new box and the style of it has changed..the edges are raised on both the top and bottom of each little blue tooth cover..the older style was not like this and I liked the older one much better. The edges of this style seem to go down into the gum area too far and the whole thing is just not as comfortable with the 2 raised edges.

  2. Amazing Product

    by Alicia on 09 Tue,2015

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    This has really helped my night grinding. Plus the small size fits perfectly without any pain. Would recommend to anyone, especially at the lower retail price instead of Doctor's office!

  3. ss

    by As on 06 Wed,2015

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  4. conveniently brilliant

    by pmommy1980 on 04 Thu,2015

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    Such a convenient Lil thing. Who doesn't love to have clean teeth after a meal.

  5. Amazing and Convenient

    by pmommy1980 on 04 Thu,2015

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    I cannot live without these. I have them everywhere. They are awesome for using after lunch with your girlfriends or after any meal. Clean teeth makes me happy

  6. Comfort Fit Saved My Teeth

    by Lori G on 02 Fri,2015

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    My husband said that my nighttime teeth grinding had become like nails on a chalkboard. He couldn

  7. Everyone Sleeps Better

    by Beth Jones on 02 Fri,2015

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    I am a severe grinder. It is so severe that it wakes my husband up at night. The custom fit dental guard has been a lifesaver. I can't stand bulky dental guards. I've tried everything on the market and this has been the perfect fit for me. It's simple, easy to use, and extremely comfortable. I am sleeping soundly, my teeth are safe, and my husband is happy! Thanks DenTek!

  8. Glad I picked this one!

    by Sara on 02 Mon,2015

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    Only had this mouth guard for about a week but it seems to be helping immensely. I picked it up after breaking a crown on a back molar tooth from grinding at night. This has been the most comfortable night guard I have ever purchased. In the past I have bought them and spit them out while sleeping. This one has stayed in all night. I can see signs of grinding on the guard, so glad I bought it.

  9. Dentek Nightguard is comfortable and easy to use

    by A. Gundry on 02 Mon,2015

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    I have the type of bruxism (tooth grinding while sleeping) that causes me to clench my teeth to the point of jaw and gum soreness the next day. I also push my lower front teeth into the back of my upper front teeth (lower jaw thrusting). The Dentek Comfort Fit Nightguard is an inexpensive way to deal with these problems. It was easy to fit, easy to use, never slips out of place, easy to clean, and, because of the special storage container, easy to dry then put away. It absorbs the crushing pressure of my jaw clenching so that I don't wake up with a sore jaw or sore teeth/gums. It also keeps my teeth just enough apart that if my lower jaw moves forward, my lower teeth don't contact my upper teeth. Because I sometimes do the jaw thrusting unconsciously when awake and stressed out, I sometimes have worn the device during the day. I am able to talk normally with the device in place. Although I haven't had an expensive dentist-made nightguard and can't compare the Dentek guard, I would say that it is an inexpensive way to deal with clenching and jaw thrusting. I would definitely recommend this devise.

  10. The only comfortable, adjustable dental guard on the market that I know of!

    by JaJa "Janette" on 02 Mon,2015

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    The only comfortable, adjustable dental guard on the market that I know of!
    Highly recommend if grinding your teeth is an issue.

  11. This is my favorite night guard

    by SLS on 02 Mon,2015

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    I've tried multiple night guard, and like most people with a smaller mouth, this one fits wonderfully. The full molds often give me neck pain in the morning, but I had none with this. I like that it isn't huge and I can actually close my mouth comfortably. I have no fear of it slipping or swallowing it. It cleans easily every morning and I love that it has a case. I expect that after several months of use I will eventually grind through the bite guards, but I've done that on every dental guard I've tried. It is nice that this one comes with two, so I will just reorder when I need to start on the second guard. Quality product that helps keep me from ruining my teeth, and helps prevent wicked headaches from grinding and clenching at night.

  12. floss-picks-case

    by Mollie Jiang on 02 Mon,2015

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    It hurt my gums at first for a couple of weeks, but once I got used to it, it was all comfort. I love the fact that I could close my mouth when I go to sleep unlike other bulky ones.

  13. Perfect Solution!

    by Karen Hart on 02 Mon,2015

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    I have tried three different "custom fit" night-time night guards, but could not get one to fit my mouth comfortably. They were bulky, and they threw my jaw out of line. Someone recommended I try this smaller ready to wear DenTek Comfort Fit and my problems were over! It's less bulky, than the "custom fit" guards, takes very little time to get used to, doesn't need boiling water to fit the guard to your mouth. The price is right, too. I highly recommend this product to others who are having trouble getting the "custom fit" guards to fit comfortably in their mouths.

  14. Great!

    by Alicia on 02 Mon,2015

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    The Comfort Fit Dental Guard is GREAT! I have always had a problem grinding my teeth at night, and have always pushed off going to the dentist for grinding my teeth. I knew the dentist would have a very expensive solution. Then I saw DenTek's dental guard-- this is the best oral care purchase I have ever made.... Plus it is AFFORDABLE! A lot of my friends prefer this guard since it is smaller than most and comfortable to use. Thank you, DenTek!

  15. Slim and effective

    by Dawn Mathias on 02 Fri,2015

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    I got this for my mom who started grinding her teeth when she began using her CPAP machine. Her dentist told her teeth grinding was common for CPAP machine users. He recommended she try a dental guard. She was not able to use the boil type guard because of her crowns and other dental work. I got the Comfort Fit Dental Guard for her to try. She really likes it! It is small but effective. The morning after she used it the first time she noticed a big difference in how her jaw and teeth felt. She uses it regularly and hasn't complained of tooth pain or all the other side effects she was having from grinding her teeth. It was a relief knowing this was an inexpensive solution to all the problems she was having!

  16. The Best I've Ever Used

    by Lisa G. on 01 Tue,2015

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    Truly the best dental guard I have every used! I used the first guard for almost a year and it stayed strong, did not break, crack or chewed thru at all. This product is the first (out of many I tried) that was small, comfortable and I could even talk while it is in my mouth. You don't need to boil it, shape it in any way, just use it right out of the box. It's excellent quality, great fit makes it well worth it! I love this product, recommend it to anyone and will only buy this dental guard in the future.

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Which Dental Guard is right for you?

If you are looking for a dental guard that's ready to go right out of the box, try the slim-profile Comfort Fit Dental Guard. If you're looking for superior protection and a custom fit that's similar to a professionally made nighttime guard, try the Max Protection Dental Guard.


Slim, non-bulky profile

Fully adjustable and easy to fit

Ready to use right out of the box


Superior comfort & protection

Customizable in two easy steps

Less bulky than other brands