DenTek® Complete Clean® Easy Reach Floss Picks

DenTek® Complete Clean® Easy Reach Floss Picks

DenTek® Complete Clean Easy Reach® Floss Picks ADA Accepted
No break, no shred floss*

  • Designed to easily reach back teeth and clean front teeth
  • Extra Bristled Pick for hard to get bits
  • Even gets behind hard-to-reach molars
  • Ergonomic Y-Shaped pick cleans BOTH back and front teeth

This floss pick has an ergonomic Y-shaped design that allows you to easily reach back teeth and even behind molars which can collect food & plaque. And it’s easy to use on front teeth as well, so your whole mouth is covered! And in addition, you’re getting an advanced pick that includes the following features.

  • A floss no-break guarantee*
  • Mouthwash blast flavored floss with fluoride
  • Multi-strand, scrubbing floss, fits tight teeth
  • Flexible, scrubbing bristle pick completes your cleaning with scrubbing action floss to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. 

Available in 75ct and 125ct sizes

* No Break Guarantee. We guarantee the floss on Back & Front Teeth Floss Picks will not break with normal use or your money back. Proof of Purchase required.

  • Flossing instructions:

    • Gently slide floss up and down between teeth, allowing the floss to wrap around teeth.
    • Clean above and below the gum line.
    • Rinse as necessary.

    Pick Instructions:

    • Place pick between teeth and gently press against the gum.
    • Use an in-and-out motion to remove food particles and stimulate gums.
    • Rinse as necessary.
  • Caution: under the age of 10 requires adult supervision