Money Stresses Out Canadians More Than Work, Family or Health and Can Lead to Nightly Teeth Grinding

Canadians aren't keeping their cool when it comes to money, with financial stress taking its toll this tax season.

Canadians aren't keeping their cool when it comes to money, with financial stress taking its toll this tax season. In fact, Canadians are more stressed about money than they are about work, family or health. A survey by DenTek, a national leader in oral care products, revealed that Canadians have been taking out their financial stress at night - and not in the fun way. Thirty percent of Canadians surveyed are grinding their teeth during the night, a common result of tax season stress weighing heavily on the mind.Nova Scotians are most likely to grind their teeth to a pulp this tax season, with Halifax housing the highest number of night time teeth grinders in Canada at 38 percent. This isn't surprising as Halifax is also the city most stressed out by finances, with 66 percent choosing money as their biggest stressor, the highest of all Canadian cities surveyed. Torontonians are more stressed out by family and health than any other Canadian city, while work holds the brunt of stress for residents of Edmonton and Ottawa.

Canada's Most Money-Stressed Cities

1. Halifax

2. St. John's

3. Calgary

4. Ottawa

5. Montreal

6. Winnipeg

7. Edmonton

8. Vancouver

9. Toronto

Canada's Top Teeth Grinders

1. Halifax

2. Edmonton

3. Calgary

4. Vancouver

5. Toronto

6. Winnipeg

7. Montreal

8. St. John's

9. Ottawa

"Because grinding often takes place during sleep, most people are unaware they are taking part in the harmful habit," notes Rachel Scharfman, DenTek's Brand Manager. Almost half of Canadian respondents discovered they were grinders when visiting a dental professional, while just 14 percent caught themselves in the act.

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, can result in physical pain, with 7 percent of respondents suffering jaw pain and 2 percent visiting the doctor with headaches prior to their diagnosis. When not properly dealt with, bruxism can cause fracturing, loosening or even loss of teeth. "A mouth guard can help protect teeth from the damage of grinding and lessen soreness or resulting strain on the jaw," notes Scharfman. With tax season in full swing, Canadians can hopefully find a new way of dealing with financial stress that won't damage their pearly anyone?

About DenTek's "Look Who's Flossing" Survey

Bryant Research LLC, an independent marketing research company, conducted a survey with the top 10 major metropolitan areas in Canada. Completed in November 2013, the survey focused on consumer's awareness of and attitudes toward oral care issues, including flossing and bruxism, also known as teeth grinding. Survey results can be requested through DenTek's media contacts.

About DenTek
DenTek is a worldwide leader in innovative oral care products including floss picks, interdental brush cleaners, dental guards for nighttime bruxism, disposable dental picks, braces care and dental repair. DenTek products are available in retail stores nationally at Walmart, Target, London Drugs and Shoppers Drug Mart. Visit for more information.

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