DenTek Brings Healthy Smiles to College Students Across the Country!

Maryville, TN (September 18, 2014) DenTek one of the worldwide leaders in oral care, is giving college students nationwide the opportunity to walk down memory lane when they receive a visit from the tooth fairy this fall. In support of their third annual Tooth Fairy Tour, DenTek is sending out a team of Tooth Fairies to continue to promote good oral hygiene amongst college students.

In recent years, it has been found that more than two-thirds of college students suffer from oral diseases.1 Dental professionals agree that the most common causes for these oral diseases are diet and lifestyle. 2 Starting September 18th, a team of DenTek Tooth Fairies will set out on this nationwide college tour, visiting millions of students on over 40 different campuses. The DenTek Tooth Fairy teams will be handing out floss pick samples on each campus and encouraging students to enter the “#GoFlossYourSelfie” Instagram contest.

In order to enter the contest, students will need to take a “selfie” with their DenTek product and upload the picture to Instagram with the hashtag #GoFlossYourSelfie, as well as their school’s hashtag. The students also have to follow DenTek on Instagram to be entered to win. DenTek will award the lucky winner from each college with a $100 Visa gift card! Plus, there will be additional prizes for students that take a selfie on the spot and show it to a tooth fairy team member!

“DenTek wants to help college students clean and protect their smiles and will send its tooth fairies out to campuses nationwide for the third annual Tooth Fairy Tour to remind students to floss the teeth they want to keep” said Rachel Scharfman, DenTek Brand Director. “Our tooth fairies are excited to reinforce the importance of developing good oral health habits and hand out floss picks and coupons at each stop along the way.”

In addition to college campus stops, the tooth fairy teams will also be stopping by the tailgates of some of the biggest football rivalries in the nation with DenTek goodies for everyone!

See below for the full tour schedule:

Sept. 18: 11am-3pm PST - University of Arizona

Sept. 18: 11am-3pm EST - Duke University

Sept. 18: 12pm-4pm CST - University of Alabama

Sept. 18: 12pm-4pm EST - Florida State University

Sept. 20: 6pm-10pm PST - University of Arizona vs. California

Sept. 20: 8am-12pm EST - Duke vs. Tulane

Sept. 20: 10am-2pm CST - University of Alabama vs. Florida

Sept. 20: 4pm-8pm EST - Florida State University vs. Clemson University

Sept. 24: 11am-3pm PST - Arizona State University

Sept. 24: 12pm-4pm CST - Oklahoma State University

Sept. 25: 11am-3pm EST - University of Georgia

Sept. 25: 12pm-4pm EST - University of Miami

Sept. 25: 3pm-7pm PST - Arizona State University vs. UCLA

Sept. 25: 3pm-7pm - Oklahoma State University vs. Texas Tech

Sept. 27: 8am-12pm EST - Georgia vs. Texas Tech

Sept. 27: TBD - Miami vs. Duke

Sept. 30: 11am-3pm PST - Pepperdine

Oct. 1: 12pm-4pm PST - California State University – Long Beach

Oct. 2: 11am-3pm PST - University of Southern California

Oct. 2: 12pm-4pm CST - University of Texas at Austin

Oct. 2: 12pm-4pm EST - University of North Carolina

Oct. 2: 12pm-4pm EST - Auburn University

Oct. 2: 12pm-4pm MST - University of Colorado at Boulder

Oct. 4: TBD - University of Southern California vs. Arizona State University

Oct. 4: TBD - University of Texas at Austin vs. Baylor University

Oct. 4: TBD - University of North Carolina vs. Virginia Tech

Oct. 4: TBD - Auburn University vs. Louisiana State University

Oct. 4: TBD - University of Colorado at Boulder vs. Oregon State University

Oct. 7: 11am-3pm PST - California State University at Fullerton

Oct. 8: 11am-3pm PST - University of California Irvine

Oct. 8: 12pm-4pm PST - University of California San Francisco

Oct. 9: 11am-3pm PST - University of California Los Angeles

Oct. 9: 12pm-4pm PST - Stanford University

Oct. 9: 11am-3pm CST - Baylor University

Oct. 9: 11am-3pm EST - Ohio University

Oct. 9: 12pm-4pm EST - University of Michigan

Oct. 9: 12pm-4pm CST - University of Wisconsin Madison

Oct. 10: 2pm-6pm PST - Stanford vs. Washington State University

Oct. 11: TBD - University of California Los Angeles vs. University of Oregon

Oct. 11: TBD - Baylor vs. Texas Christian University

Oct. 11: 10am-2pm EST - Ohio University vs. Bowling Green

Oct. 11: 3pm-7pm EST - University of Michigan vs. Penn State

Oct. 11: TBD - University of Wisconsin Madison vs. University of Illinois

Oct. 14: 11am-3pm PST - University of San Francisco

Oct. 14: 12pm-4pm - University of Oregon

Oct. 15: 11am-3pm PST - San Francisco State University

Oct. 15: 12pm-4pm PST - Oregon State University

Oct. 15: 12pm-4pm CST - Oklahoma

Oct. 15: 12pm-4pm PST - Loyola Marymount University

Oct. 16: 11am-3pm PST - University of California Berkeley

Oct. 16: 3pm-7pm PST - Oregon State University vs. University of Utah

Oct. 16: 11am-3pm EST - Ohio State University

Oct. 16: 12pm-4pm EST - University of Florida

Oct. 16: 12pm-4pm CST - Texas Christian University

Oct. 18: TBD - University of California Berkeley vs. University of California Los Angeles

Oct. 18: TBD - University of Oregon vs. University of Washington

Oct. 18: 11am-3pm EST - Ohio State University vs. Rutgers University

Oct. 18: TBD - University of Florida vs. University of Missouri

Oct. 18: TBD - Texas Christian University vs. Oklahoma State University

Oct. 22: 12pm-4pm EST - Miami University

Oct. 23: 11am-3pm EST - University of Cincinnati

Oct. 23: 11am-3pm EST - Southern Methodist University

Oct. 23: 11am-3pm EST - Michigan State University

Oct. 23: 12pm-4pm EST - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Oct. 23: 12pm-4pm CST - Louisiana State University

Oct. 24: TBD - University of Cincinnati vs. University of South Florida

Oct. 25: TBD - Miami University vs. Kent State

Oct. 25: TBD - Southern Methodist University vs. University of Memphis

Oct. 25: TBD - Michigan State University vs. University of Michigan

Oct. 25: TBD - University of Tennessee, Knoxville vs. Alabama

Oct. 30: 11am-3pm PST - UNLV

Oct. 30: 12pm-4pm EST - University of South Carolina

Oct. 31: 12pm-4pm CST - Texas A&M

Nov. 1: TBD - Texas A&M vs. University of Louisiana at Monroe

Nov. 1: TBD - UNLV vs. University of New Mexico

Nov. 1: TBD - University of South Carolina vs. University of Tennessee

[1] University of Kentucky

2 University of Kentucky, Research of Nutrition and Food Science

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