Use of Mucoadhesive Disk for Relief of Dry Mouth


Objective: This study measured the efficacy and the safety of OraMoist mucoadhesive disks for relief of dry mouth.

Methodology: OraMoist mucoadhesive disks and placebo mucoadhesive disks were applied three times daily to 27 participants in a double-masked, randomized, controlled crossover study. Differences in subjective ratings of dry mouth and salivary flow rates were measured.

Results: The disks showed statistically significant improvement in the subjective experience of moistness and salivary flow rates across the 60-minute period after application and compared with baseline measures after one and two weeks of use. The disks were well tolerated with no adverse affect reported.

Conclu OraMoist mucoadhesive disks were safe and provided symptomatic relief from dry mouth.

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