DenTek Helps You Keep the Best Dental Care Habits for Kids

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It’s the morning after Halloween. Your kid has enough candy to last a year. If you weren’t able to exchange candy for something healthier or set limits, your child will soon be chomping his/her way towards tooth decay. You must establish and keep the best dental care habits for kids.

30% of children age six to eleven have dental sealants because these dentist-provided tooth coatings protect against cavities. What about the other 70% of children age six to eleven? They need protection against sugary sweets, as well. At DenTek, we know that the best way to protect kids’smiles is prevention. The best way to prevent tooth decay is by taking good care of your teeth.

DenTek carries a complete line of kids’oral health products—from DenTek Fun Flossers to Dentek Looney Tunes Kids Toothbrushes—to help you teach your kids the best daily dental care routine.

DenTek Fun Flossers are especially made small to fit kids’mouths and hands. The multi-filament scrubbing floss removes food and plaque from between teeth. Did you know that when kids have two or more teeth that touch it’s time to begin flossing? Order DenTek Fun Flossers, direct from

DenTek Fun Flossers Handle is flexible and made to fit small hands. This handle reaches back teeth with its extended handle. Plus It’s proven as effective as rolled floss while providing a wild fruit flavor. Each package supplies 25 flosser heads. Order DenTek Fun Flossers Handle online.

DenTek Toothbrush Covers fit most toothbrushes. Are you tired of picking up your child’s toothbrush from the floor or counter? This hygienic storage case opens easily and closes securely. Included are suction cups so that you may attach it to a mirror or tile. Get your cover online.

DenTek Looney Tunes Kids Toothbrush provides a fun brushing experience with Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird. Soft bristles clean teeth comfortably. Thumb and finger grips allow for a stable hold. Plus included is a molded tongue cleaner on the back of the head. Get kids toothbrushes.

DenTek Looney Tunes Kids Toothpaste makes brushing fun with a Bubble Gum Blast flavor. This anti-cavity fluoride toothpaste is made for kids two and up. Shop kids toothpaste online.

Don’t let all that candy stick around to wreak havoc on your child’s teeth and gums. Let DenTek help you prevent tooth decay by establishing and keeping the best dental care habits for kids.

Contact DenTek about any of our oral health care products that help keep kids’teeth healthy.