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DenTek Ultimate Dental Guard

DenTek™ Ultimate Dental Guard

Everyday Habits that Can Trigger Teeth Grinding or Make It Worse

Simple everyday habits may be contributing to your teeth grinding at night. Wear a dental guard to protect your teeth while you try to find and eliminate the cause.

What Causes Teeth Grinding?

There is no one known cause of teeth grinding, but doctors believe a combination of physical, psychological and genetic factors may be to blame.

Grinding Your Teeth? Why You Should Get a Dental Guard Now

You may think grinding your teeth at night is harmless, but it’s more than just a bad habit. It can cause serious problems with your teeth, gums, jawbone and muscles.

DenTek™ Platinum Ultimate Comfort Dental Guard

DenTek™ Comfort Fit Dental Guard 2 Pack

DenTek™ Professional Fit Dental Guard

Dental Guards Help Parents and College Students Protect Against Nighttime Teeth Grinding

Dealing with heading back to school is hard enough on you without a chipped tooth or a sore head due to nighttime teeth grinding.