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DenTek™ Fun Flosser Handle

DenTek™ Fun  Flosser Handle makes flossing easy and fun! It features an extended handle that helps clean hard-to-reach areas, and a wild fruit flavor kids love.
  • Encourages healthy habits at an early age
  • Scrubbing floss fits kids’ teeth perfectly
  • Smaller flosser head designed specially for kids’ mouths
  • Flexible handle is tailored to child-size hands
Includes 25 flosser heads

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1. Insert the square part of the floss head into the handle.
2. Using your index finger and thumb, slide the locking mechanism up.
1. Gently slide floss up and down against each tooth and below the gum line.
2. Rinse floss as needed and dispose of head after use.
1. Using your index finger and thumb, slide the locking mechanism downward.
2. Grab the floss head by the slides and gently pull forward. Do not pull up on the floss.


Do not force. Under the age of 10 requires adult supervision.

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