Brushing & Flossing Tips


You should begin cleaning your children’s mouths during the first few days after birth by wiping the gums with a moist cloth to remove surface bacteria. When you see the teeth begin to come in, you will want to begin to brush their teeth by following these simple steps:
- Use a pea-sized amount of ADA accepted fluoride toothpaste, taking care that your child does not swallow the paste
- Using a small toothbrush with soft bristles, brush inside surfaces of all teeth first, where plaque accumulates most, then continue brushing the rest of the teeth. Angle bristles toward the gumline and brush gently back and forth.
- Be sure that they rinse all of the toothpaste out of their mouth after you finish brushing.
Once your children have two teeth that touch, you should begin flossing their teeth. Use a Fun Flosser or Fun Flosser Handle to teach your children how to floss and to make flossing fun.
To floss your child’s teeth, just follow these easy instructions:
- Hold the flosser firmly between your thumb and forefinger.
- Using a gentle back-and-forth motion, slide floss between teeth.
- Move up and down against each side of the tooth to clean above and below the gum line.
- Repeat steps for each tooth. - Discard after use.