Dental Guards Help Parents and College Students Protect Against Nighttime Teeth Grinding

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Dealing with heading back to school is hard enough on you without a chipped tooth or a sore head due to nighttime teeth grinding. DenTek is here to help you get the right dental guard to protect your A+ smile.

Whether you’re getting back into the routine of school days or heading back to college, everyone has a lot on their minds. Extra traffic, daily homework, and tons of extra stress can put anyone under a lot of pressure. Even their teeth. Many parents and college students go to bed stressed, and they grind their teeth at night. Dentists call nighttime teeth grinding, bruxism. By grinding teeth at night, you put as much as 600 pounds of pressure on your teeth. Ouch.

After grinding teeth at night, you may wake up with sore jaws and tooth aches. Some even get headaches. That’s not going to help them meet the demands of oh-so-typical long and busy days.

What you need to protect teeth, gums and jaws from nighttime teeth grinding is a dental guard.

DenTek is committed to your oral health, and we’ve worked diligently to create custom-fit dental guards that prevent damage caused by nighttime teeth grinding throughout the school year.

Choose from two different dental guard products, each one made to protect your unique smile.

Comfort-Fit Dental Guards use a slim, non-bulky profile to prevent nighttime teeth grinding. These dental guards are fully adjustable and easy to fit. They’re ready to use right out of the box. Prevent nighttime teeth grinding by ordering Comfort-Fit Dental Guards from

Maximum Protection Dental Guards provide superior comfort and protection against continuous nighttime teeth grinding. It provides a custom fit in two easy steps. This night guard is less bulky than other brands. Order Maximum Protection Dental Guards from

You’ll sleep a little more comfortably with a customizable, non-bulky night guard from Dentek.

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Contact us about oral care products that make student life a lot easier on your teeth and gums.